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This page contains a collection of tools and services to simplify, make more efficient, or provide additional functionality to the work with Wikimedia Commons. Some of the tools here are optionally directly integrated within the Wikimedia Commons web interface. If you want to know how to play back and view contents of Wikimedia Commons have a look at the media help page. If you are in search for software editing and creating media files have a look at our software page.

Tools marked with a * have a gadget available to provide convenient access. Gadgets can be activated in your Preferences.

Tool integration[edit]

Some of the tools described here are directly integrated into the web interface of Wikimedia Commons via gadgets (notably ExtraTabs2). Gadgets can be enabled via the Gadgets tab of a user's Preferences. Tools marked with a * on this page have an associated gadget.

Authenticating tools (TUSC and OAuth)[edit]

There are two primary ways for authenticating externally hosted tools to use your Wikimedia Commons account:

  • The Toolserver User Screening Tool (TUSC) is a community-developed legacy system that permits many of the tools listed below to authenticate your connection to your Commons account, without requiring that you disclose your Commons password on the site. You can create a new TUSC account here: tools:~magnus/tusc.php. It is recommended not to choose the same password as your Commons password. And be sure to create one for "commons" (not wikipedia) if you want to use the tools here at Commons. See also the overview on German Wikipedia (automatic machine translation to English).
  • More recently developed tools use MediaWiki's OAuth support to provide seamless integration and allow tools to securely take actions under your username. An example is CropTool. No separate account is required for using tools which support OAuth.

Upload media[edit]

See Commons:Upload tools

Download media[edit]

  • User:AzaToth/ is a simple script to download source images, useful when combining panoramas, when there might be many consecutive images.
  • User:Siznax/ is a python script to get the URL (and check the HTTP status) of a Wikimedia File/Image from its name.

Content navigation[edit]


Special:GlobalUsage is a tool which can be used to check where commons media is used throughout the Wikimedia universe.

There is an external tool called "Check-Usage", which is also able to find "local" duplicates to Commons media. This tool uses the live database copy on the Wikimedia tool server and is developed and maintained by User:Duesentrieb.


  • catgraph: Category tree of files or categories (sub or super categories)


CategoryTree is a tool for showing the category structure as a dynamic tree. This can also be integrated into most browsers as a sidebar. This tool uses the live database copy on the Wikimedia tool server and is developed and maintained by User:Duesentrieb.

Cat-Scan (or CategoryIntersect)[edit]

Allows you to find images (images are a type of 'page') that are in two categories (category intersection), or images in a category by a certain template. It also searches in subcategories of a specified depth (although it fails at 1000 items).

Commons Sum-it-up*[edit]

Sum-it-up will try to automatically gather brief descriptions as well as all the interwiki links for a particular topic (use it on article/gallery pages). All you need to know is the name of the corresponding article on a Wikipedia. You can usually copy and paste its output straight into the article page, although be sure to remove any strange descriptions that didn't come out quite right. Developed by User:Magnus Manske.


Useful for those who like tidying categories. Goes through a category and lists which other categories co-occur with it. Good to use on high-level categories to identify redundant categories (such as listing an image in Category:Paris and Category:France).

  • Information and discussion (German or English)
  • // user account expired--13:54, 8 May 2010 (UTC)


An alternative Check-Usage tool that does not work on the toolserver and thus may be useful when the toolserver is down. Developed by User:ColdShine. Interface in English and Italian.


Quickly categorize or recategorize a file.

Pictures of the Day[edit]

Collects the Commons', English Wikipedia's and German Wikipedia's Pictures of the Day (POTD) on one page, with convenient links to common screen resolution sized versions. Developed by User:Duesentrieb.


A JavaScript plugin that displays geocoded images on a world map. Developed by User:Dschwen.


A category-based RSS feed by Magnus Manske. Shows thumbnailed image, author/uploader, and license (if found). Links back to commons image/page.


A Flickr-like interface for Commons. No upload, yet.

Wikimedia Commons Explorer[edit]

Geocoded images sorted by year:

Organize media[edit]


CommonSense is a web based tool for finding appropriate categories for images on Commons. This tool uses the live database copy on the Wikimedia tool server and is developed and maintained by User:Duesentrieb.


OrphanImages is a web based tool for finding images that are not on a gallery page or in any category. This tool uses the live database copy on the Wikimedia tool server and is developed and maintained by User:Duesentrieb.


The UntaggedImages tool helps to find images that are missing a license tag. This tool uses the live database copy on the wikimedia tool server and is developed and maintained by User:Duesentrieb.


GeocodingToDo Tool categorized images not yet geocoded.

Bad Old Ones[edit]

Bad Old Ones lists images in a given category (and subcategories) with dates of their last edits, thumbnails, description, and usage on other Wikimedia projects. Intended for categories containing "bad" images, e.g. Category:Unknown. Developed by User:Magnus Manske.

  • tools:~magnus/bad_old_ones.php
  • Example: //

Commons sum-it-up*[edit]

This tool can "summarize" articles from Wikipedias connected via interlanguage links by putting the initial paragraph of each article into a language template. Also finds missing interlanguage links. Developed by User:Magnus Manske.


Screenshot of LicenseToKill

This tool provides a simple GUI to allow easy deletion of multiple files within one category or from a list. Only for Windows with .NET 2.0. Developed by User:Dake.

Add information*[edit]

Analyze the free-text description of an image and try to fit it into a standard {{Information}} template. Developed by Magnus Manske.

My "No Information"[edit]

Finds all images not using {{Information}} for a specific user. Invokes Add information.


An edit button generator for keep/delete "votes".

What is that?*[edit]

Get an image description in multiple languages from thumbnail texts.

Commons Commander (CC)*[edit]



Cat-a-lot is a JavaScript gadget that helps with moving images between categories or adding categories to search results.


Default search is Special:Search (no gallery display). See en:Help:Searching for proper use. You can search for files by filename, at Special:Newimages; the order is from newest to oldest (by upload date).


You can't put in any keywords, but has a useful display of images within a certain category, with or without a certain template, uploaded by a certain user, etc. Developed by User:Duesentrieb.

CatScan 2*[edit]

Allows to search for images with or without one or several categories, with or without a certain template, etc. (User:Magnus Manske)


Search for audio and video. Search on size, length, category and media type. Developed by User:Bryan.



A tool has much like Special:WantedTemplates, on the toolserver: . The difference is that it refreshes more often and is being filtered as the community desires. It only displays transclusions from the Template-namespace, example of a filter is the removal of those starting with "Potd" or "Motd" (which takes up most if not all of Special:WantedTemplates). Cleaning up mistakes becomes a lot easier now !

Find Wikipedia/Commons dupes[edit]

Tool for finding local Wikipedia files which are also uploaded to Commons. It can be used to add NowCommons tag to them.

Find individual Wikipedia or Commons dupes[edit]

Tool to find images at Commons or individual wiki which are uploaded more than once

Orphaned talk pages[edit]

Find all talk pages without a subjct page in a certain namespace. Optionally filter out redirects and/or subpages:

Bad template links[edit]

List of pages on Commons that have potentially bad template links (such as {{Http://}}).

Blank pages[edit]

List all blanked pages in one or more namespaces:


Find all duplicate images uploaded by a single user. Checks for image dimensions and file size only! This might lead to false duplicates. Will be updated as soon as MediaWiki supports file checksums. It does (nowadays): DB field img_sha1 (mw:Manual:Image_table) .

Commons Dupes[edit]

Compare images marked as duplicates. Developed by User:Magnus Manske.

Find files by SHA-1 hash (content-based)[edit]

The API lists all files which have a given SHA-1 hash. Example use: That can be used to query the Commons server about existence of a file before upload to avoid uploading exact duplicates. The SHA-1 hash can be computed locally with many tools (e.g. sha1sum – a standard program on Linux systems).

Got source?[edit]

Find (deleted) duplicates on other projects. Especially useful for finding deleted NowCommons images on other projects which were transferred with insufficient information.

Patrolling and notification[edit]


The Gallery tool shows a list of images with information about their tagging and categorization status. It can be used to patrol recent uploads as well as to look at the upload of a given user. It is designed to help you spot any unlabeled, mislabeled or orphan images quickly and easily. Developed by User:Duesentrieb.


CommonsTicker is a bot that notifies individual wikis about changes on Commons that affect them: for example, if an image is marked for deletion, CommonsTicker can warn projects that are using that image. This is intended to improve the integration of commons into "local" projects. Developed by User:Duesentrieb.


ActiveUsers finds active admins, filtered by language (babel boxes). This is intended to help users to find an admin to talk to. Developed by User:Duesentrieb.


This very useful tool expired. It should be easy for toolserver account owners to create a new tool like this. The API only provides SHA1 lookup for existing (non-deleted) files.

Given an image sha1, provides a list of deleted images and the reasons.

Optional numeric parameter base (2>=base>=36, default: 16) for the hash. Optional parameter wiki: a comma split list of databases to check.

New images[edit]

New Images is a tool used to patrol the latest uploaded files. With that tool, you can have a quick overview of the latest 50 images (but you can decide to go on and check also the older ones...) so you need less time to patrol a great amount of images. This tool is developed by User:Filnik.


Twinkle is a set of JavaScripts that gives registered users several new options to assist them in common maintenance tasks and to help them deal with acts of vandalism.

New images checker[edit]

New Images checker is a tool used to patrol the latest uploaded files, check similar images via Tineye. see User:Sz-iwbot/tineye.

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