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Nuvola apps edu miscellaneous.svg If you wish to contribute to this encyclopedia, please
create an account at home and log in with it here.

Due to persistent vandalism, editing by anonymous users from your school or institution's IP address is currently disabled. If you are logged in but still unable to edit, please follow these instructions. To prevent abuse, account creation via this address is probably also disabled.

  • If accounts need to be created at school for class projects, please have your teacher or network administrator contact us (with reference to this IP address) at unblock-commons-l from an email address listed on your school's website.

Thank you.

Usage: {{schoolblock|comments (optional)|sig=~~~~ (optional)}}

Important: Only use sig=~~~~ if you wish to sign the default blocking notice when used on a talk page. Remember that signatures are not substituted in the block reason field.

To remove at home from the login instructions, use {{schoolblock|home=no}} or {{schoolblock|comments|home=no}}.

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