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{{subst:blocked school|comments (optional)|sig=~~~~ (optional)}}
{{subst:schoolblock|comments (optional)|sig=~~~~ (optional)}}

Recommendations: You have to subst: this template as it inserts a new section in the talk page. The autotranslation mechanism however makes it possible for the contact details remain accurate in the future. This template was designed especially for use as a block reason as readers frequently attempt to email us before they even read their IP address's talk page.

You are encouraged to use this template as a blocking reason whenever you are blocking a shared educational IP. For blocks shorter than 3 months, it is recommended that you do not duplicate this notice on a blocked IP's talk page and instead use other user block templates to provide immediate notification to the vandal of the block. As this template is rather large, it is preferable that we do not have it displayed multiple times simultaneously for each talk page.

Important: Only use sig=~~~~ if you wish to sign the default blocking notice when used on a talk page. Remember that signatures are not substituted in the block reason field.

To remove at home from the login instructions, use {{schoolblock|home=no}} or {{schoolblock|comments|home=no}}. Technically, this will work with home set to any value, but setting it to no is usually less confusing for everyone.

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To create a new language version of this template, create a new subpage and use this code:

{{Blocked school/layout
|logText=If you wish to contribute to Commons, please <br/> [[:en:Wikipedia:Why create an account?|create an account]] {{ #if: {{{home|}}} || at home}} and [[Special:Userlogin|log in]]{{ #if: {{{home|}}} || with it here.}}
|text=Due to persistent [[:en:Wikipedia:Vandalism|vandalism]], editing by anonymous users from your school or institution's [[:en:IP address|IP address]] is currently disabled. If you are logged in but still unable to edit, please follow these [[Template:Autoblock|instructions]]. To prevent abuse, account creation via this address is probably also disabled.
Thank you.
{{translated tag|user}}

In order to the heading to be translated too, create also a /heading/<langcode> subpage with the translation for:

Anonymous users from your school or institution have been blocked<noinclude>{{Translated tag|user}}</noinclude>