Astronomical flags

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English: This is a gallery of flags which depict one or more astronomical objects as features of their design.


See also Gallery of flags with stars for designs using star-shaped elements that may or may not refer to actual astronomical stars.



See Southern Cross Flag, a large category of flags that depict this constellation.

Other constellations[edit]


Big Dipper/Plough/Saptarshi in Ursa Major[edit]

Star cluster[edit]

Pleiades in Taurus[edit]

Specific stars[edit]

The Sun[edit]

Other specific stars[edit]

See also Constellation, Asterism, and Star Cluster categories above.

Non-specific stars[edit]




See also gallery of flags with crescents (the "star" in the star and crescent design "possibly symbolizes Venus").


See also Gallery of flags with crescents.

Flags representing Planets[edit]

English: Flags representing Planets.
Español: Banderas que representan planetas.
James Cadle's Flag of Earth
James Cadle's Flag of Earth
Earth Day Flag
Earth Day Flag
Flag of Mars (unofficial)
Flag of Mars (unofficial)
Flag of Mars (unofficial)
Flag of Mars (unofficial)
Flag of Venus (unofficial)
Flag of Venus (unofficial)

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