Book of Exodus

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Bible illustrations by Sweet Publishing
Exodus illustrations at Sweet Publishing
See also the preceding book Genesis and the succeeding book Leviticus
Note: the chapter name from chapter 1 to 32 are off by one. See Commons talk:Bible Illustrations

Chapter 1 - Israel under Pharaoh[edit]

Chapter 2 to 4 - Moses Prepared[edit]

Chapter 2[edit]

Chapter 3[edit]

Chapter 5 to 11 - Pleas for Liberation and Plagues of Judgment[edit]

Chapter 5[edit]

Chapter 6[edit]

Chapter 8[edit]

Chapter 9[edit]

Chapter 10[edit]

Chapter 11[edit]

Chapter 12 to 18 - Exodus to Sinai[edit]

Chapter 12[edit]

Chapter 13[edit]

Chapter 14[edit]

Chapter 15[edit]

Chapter 16[edit]

Chapter 17[edit]

Chapter 19 to 24 - Covenant at Sinai[edit]

Chapter 20[edit]

Chapter 21[edit]

Chapter 25 to 31 - Instructions on the Tabernacle[edit]

Chapter 25[edit]

Chapter 26[edit]

Chapter 27[edit]

Chapter 28[edit]

Chapter 29[edit]

Chapter 30[edit]

Chapter 31[edit]

Chapter 32 to 34 - Rebellion and Restoration[edit]

Chapter 32[edit]

Chapter 35 to 40 - Construction of the Tabernacle[edit]

Chapter 35[edit]

Chapter 36[edit]

Chapter 40[edit]

Illustrations by Julius Schnorr von Carolsfeld[edit]