Carl Larsson

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English: Carl Larsson, Swedish painter, 1853-1919
Svenska: Carl Larsson, svensk konstnär, 1853-1919
Deutsch: Carl Larsson, schwedischer Maler, 1853-1919
Français : Carl Larsson, peintre suédois, 1853-1919
Polski: Carl Larsson, szwedzki artysta malarz, 1853-1919
Español: Carl Larsson, Pintor sueco, 1853-1919

Portraits of Carl Larsson[edit]

Larsson is famous for his watercolor paintings, especially the collection of 26 watercolors in his 1899 picture book "Ett hem" (At Home), the 32 in his 1902 book "Larssons" (The Larssons), and the 31 in his 1910 "Åt solsidan" (On the Sunny Side) - all of them illustrating his family's idyllic countryside life and having an enormous influence on Swedish interior design for generations to come.

Ett hem[edit]

Ett hem (A Home) is a series of 26 watercolours.


Åt solsidan (incomplete)[edit]

Other Carl Larsson paintings[edit]