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Archibald ("Archie") Alexander Leach, known by his screen name en:Cary Grant, (18 January 1904 - 29 November 1986) was a British-born actor who starred in American films.

The Philadelphia Story film[edit]

Notorious film[edit]

Notorious is a 1946 RKO thriller by Alfred Hitchcock. (see also: Category:Notorious (1946 film))

Every Girl Should Be Married film (1948)[edit]

Monkey Business film (1952)[edit]

To Catch a Thief film[edit]

To Catch a Thief is a 1955 Paramount thriller, directed by Alfred Hitchcock, and also starring Grace Kelly. (see also: Category:To Catch a Thief (film)

North by Northwest film[edit]

North by Northwest is a 1959 MGM thriller by Alfred Hitchcock (see also: Category:North by Northwest (1959 film))

Charade film (1963)[edit]