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You can list yourself in a suitable category by graphics ability by either adding the appropriate category to your user page, or by using one of the below templates, either individually, or as part of the {{Babel}} template, which groups them, such as: {{babel|ANI-2|BG-1}}.

  • {{User ANI-0}} : interested in animations/gif format. Looking for software, protocols, files, etc.
  • {{User ANI-1}} : make their first animations .gif. See animation n⁰1
  • {{User ANI-2}} : make pretty animations .gif, but don't draw. See animation n⁰2
  • {{User ANI-3}} : make amazing animations .gif with moving objects. See animation n⁰3
  • {{User ANI-4}} : make expert level animations .gif. See animation n⁰4

See also : Category:Animations and Category:Graphics abilities.


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