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English: Annamoe ( from Dublin located on the Avonmore river. It is on the R755 (at the junction with the R763) between Roundwood and Laragh on the road to Glendalough.
Gaelg: Ta Aah ny Mooa ( Baarle: Annamoe, Yernish: Áth na mBó) ny valley beg ayns Coontae Cheeill Mantan, Pobblaght Nerin mygeayrt 32 km magh as Divlyn er brooinyn ny h-Awin Mooar. T'eh soit er yn R755 eddyr y Taagher as y Laaragh er y vollagh gys Glion Daa Logh.
Nederlands: Annamoe is een plaats in het Ierse graafschap Wicklow. De naam betekent Koevoorde.
Português: Annamoe (uma versão anglófona do Irlandês para O vau da vaca) é uma pitoresca vila no Condado de Wicklow, Irlanda aproximadamente 32 km de Dublin, localizada na rodovia R755, entre Roundwood e Laragh.