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Behind the Scenes Event- October 13th, 2011

This was a full-day event to encourage participation in the Wikipedia:GLAM/BM/Ice Age art project to improve coverage of Ice Age art or the Art of the Upper Paleolithic on Wikipedia and the other Wikimedia projects, including the early history of the rediscovery and interpretation of these objects. The British Museum is planning an important exhibition for Spring 2013 on this, and the project will run until then.

This was a rare opportunity to have guided tours of the collections at Franks House, where the British Museum's Palaeolithic and Mesolithic objects not on display live. It was also possible to photograph some objects at Franks House.

The 3 digit reference numbers are the catalogue numbers in Sieveking, Ann. A catalogue of Palaeolithic art in the British Museum. London: British Museum Publications, 1987. ISBN 071411376X - we have made a start on a page (see below) listing the photos by catalogue number.


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