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APG IV Classification: DomainEukaryota • (unranked)Archaeplastida • RegnumPlantae • Cladusangiosperms • Cladusmonocots • Claduscommelinids • OrdoPoales • FamiliaCyperaceae • SubfamiliaCyperoideae • TribusCariceae • Genus: Carex L. (1753)
Cyperoides Ség. (from Wikispecies)
Ulva Adans. (from Wikispecies)
Ammorrhiza Ehrh. (from Wikispecies)
Baeochortus Ehrh. (from Wikispecies)
Caricella Ehrh. (from Wikispecies)
Chordorrhiza Ehrh. (from Wikispecies)
Drymeia Ehrh. (from Wikispecies)
Heleonastes Ehrh. (from Wikispecies)
Leptostachys Ehrh. (from Wikispecies)
Limonaetes Ehrh. (from Wikispecies)
Phaeolorum Ehrh. (from Wikispecies)
Polyglochin Ehrh. (from Wikispecies)
Psyllophora Ehrh. (from Wikispecies)
Ptacoseia Ehrh. (from Wikispecies)
Physiglochis Neck. (from Wikispecies)
Schelhammeria Moench (from Wikispecies)
Vignea P.Beauv. in T.G.Lestiboudois (from Wikispecies)
Trasus Gray (from Wikispecies)
Phyllostachys Torr. (from Wikispecies)
Anithista Raf. (from Wikispecies)
Deweya Raf. (from Wikispecies)
Diemisa Raf. (from Wikispecies)
Edritria Raf. (from Wikispecies)
Facolos Raf. (from Wikispecies)
Forexeta Raf. (from Wikispecies)
Itheta Raf. (from Wikispecies)
Kolerma Raf. (from Wikispecies)
Loncoperis Raf. (from Wikispecies)
Loxanisa Raf. (from Wikispecies)
Loxotrema Raf. (from Wikispecies)
Meltrema Raf. (from Wikispecies)
Neskiza Raf. (from Wikispecies)
Olamblis Raf. (from Wikispecies)
Olotrema Raf. (from Wikispecies)
Onkerma Raf. (from Wikispecies)
Osculisa Raf. (from Wikispecies)
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