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APG IV Classification: DomainEukaryota • (unranked)Archaeplastida • RegnumPlantae • Cladusangiosperms • Claduseudicots • Claduscore eudicots • Cladussuperrosids • Cladusrosids • Claduseurosids II • OrdoBrassicales • FamiliaCaricaceae • Genus: Carica L. (1753)
Papaya Mill.
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Included species (for GRIN & ITIS & NCBI):
C. papaya
Included species (for The Plant List):
C. aprica, C. augusti, C. candicans, C. chilensis, C. cnidoscoloides, C. crassipetala, C. glandulosa, C. goudotiana, C. horovitziana, C. longiflora, C. monoica, C. omnilingua, C. papaya, C. parviflora, C. pentagona, C. pulchra, C. quercifolia, C. sphaerocarpa, C. sprucei, C. stipulata, C. weberhaueri
Note: only species listed as 'Accepted'
Included species (for Tropicos):
C. acuta, C. aprica, C. augusti, C. aurantiaca, C. baccata, C. boissieri, C. boliviana, C. bonplandiana, C. bourgeaei, C. bourgeaui, C. candamarcensis, C. candicans, C. caudata, C. cauliflora, C. cestriflora, C. chilensis, C. chiriquensis, C. chrysopetala, C. citriformis, C. cnidoscoloides, C. crassipetala, C. cubensis, C. cucurbitifolia, C. digitata, C. dodecaphylla, C. dolichaula, C. erythrocarpa, C. fiebrigii, C. fructifragrans, C. glandulosa, C. glazioviana, C. gossypiifolia, C. goudotiana, C. hastaefolia, C. hastata, C. heptaphylla, C. hermaphrodita, C. heterophylla, C. horovitziana, C. integrifolia, C. jamaicensis, C. jimenezii, C. karstenii, C. lagerheimii, C. lanceolata, C. leptantha, C. longiflora, C. mamaya, C. manihot, C. mexicana, C. microcarpa, C. monoica, C. nana, C. omnilingua, C. palandensis, C. paniculata, C. papaya, C. parviflora, C. peltata, C. pennata, C. pentagona, C. pinnatifida, C. plantanifolia, C. platanifolia, C. portoricensis, C. posoposa, C. pubescens, C. pulchra, C. pyriformis, C. quercifolia, C. quinqueloba, C. rochefortii, C. sativa, C. sphaerocarpa, C. spinosa, C. sprucei, C. stenocarpa, C. stipulata, C. stylosa, C. triplisecta, C. tunariensis, C. vanvalxenii, C. weberbaueri, C. weberhaueri, C. × chrysopetala, C. × fructifragrans, C. × heilbornii, C. × pentagona
Note: list containing potentially synonyms


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