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APG IV Classification: DomainEukaryota • (unranked)Archaeplastida • RegnumPlantae • Cladusangiosperms • Claduseudicots • Claduscore eudicots • Cladussuperrosids • Cladusrosids • Claduseurosids II • OrdoSapindales • FamiliaMeliaceae • Genus: Cedrela P. Browne
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Included species (for GRIN):
C. angustifolia, C. fissilis, C. odorata
Included species (for The Plant List):
C. angustifolia, C. balansae, C. discolor, C. dugesii, C. fissilis, C. kuelapensis, C. longipetiolulata, C. molinensis, C. monroensis, C. montana, C. nebulosa, C. oaxacensis, C. odorata, C. saltensis, C. salvadorensis, C. tonduzii, C. weberbaueri
Note: only species listed as 'Accepted'
Included species (for Tropicos):
C. alternifolia, C. amara, C. angustifolia, C. australis, C. balansae, C. barbata, C. bogotensis, C. boliviana, C. brachystachya, C. brasiliensis, C. brownii, C. brunellioides, C. caldasana, C. cedro, C. chinensis, C. ciliolata, C. cubensis, C. discolor, C. dugesii, C. elliptica, C. febrifuga, C. fissilis, C. glabra, C. glaziovii, C. guianensis, C. hassleri, C. herrerae, C. hirsuta, C. huberi, C. imparipinnata, C. kingii, C. kotschyi, C. kuelapensis, C. lilloi, C. longiflora, C. longipes, C. longipetiolulata, C. macrocarpa, C. mahagoni, C. mexicana, C. microcarpa, C. molinensis, C. mollis, C. monroensis, C. montana, C. mourae, C. nebulosa, C. oaxacensis, C. occidentalis, C. odorata, C. pacayana, C. pachyrhachis, C. palustris, C. paraguariensis, C. pilgeri, C. poblensis, C. quianensis, C. regnellii, C. rehderiana, C. rosei, C. rosmarinus, C. rotunda, C. saltensis, C. salvadorensis, C. saxatilis, C. serrata, C. serrulata, C. sinensis, C. sintenisii, C. steinbachii, C. subandina, C. sureni, C. tonduzii, C. toona, C. tubiflora, C. velloziana, C. weberbaueri, C. whitfordii, C. yucatana, C. yunnanensis
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