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The coat of arms of the Singapore Municipal Commission at Mount Emily, Singapore
The coat of arms of the Singapore Municipal Commission was granted by letters patent on 9 April 1948, though it was described as the coat of arms of the City of Singapore. This was an error as Singapore only received city status in 1951. The blazon of the coat of arms was as follows: "Gules, a tower issuant from the base proper; on the battlements thereof a lion passant guardant Or; on a chief embattled of the last a pair of wings conjoined in base between two anchors azure, and for the crest on a wreath argent and azure on front of a palm tree fructed proper, issuant from a mount vert, a lion passant Or." In other words, the coat of arms consisted of a red shield with a gold lion passant guardant (walking with its right fore paw raised, its head turned to face the viewer) on a tower; and above that on the upper edge of the shield a strip separated from the rest of the shield by a line representing a castle's battlements, with on it a pair of wings joined at the base between two anchors, all in blue. The crest above the shield consisted of a gold lion passant on a silver and blue wreath or torse in front of a fruiting palm tree on a green hill, which had already been adopted by the Municipal Commission in 1913 (though in that device the lion was statant – standing with all four paws on the ground – rather than passant). In the Singapore Annual Report, the coat of arms were shown with blue mantling and an esquire's silver helm.