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Italiano: Inventario svizzero dei beni culturali d'importanza nazionale: oggetti A
Rumantsch: Inventari svizzer dals bains culturals d'impurtanza naziunala: objects A
English: Swiss Inventory of Cultural Property of National and Regional Significance: class A items of national significance. The items in the inventory include:
  • buildings (Bauten, édifices, costruzioni, edifizis),
  • collections (Sammlungen, collections, collezioni, collecziuns),
  • archaeological sites (Archäologie, archéologie, archeologia, archeologia),
  • special cases (Spezialfälle, cas spéciaux, casi speciali, Cas spezials).

Even if a specific class A item (cultural property) has just one photo, it's generally worth creating a specific subcategory. The categories should contain photos and other media illustrating the item:

  • For buildings, this would generally be exterior views.
  • For collections (museums, archives, libraries), this could be reproductions of public domain items in the collection or even views of the building housing the collection, rather than the general category about the institution linked to the collection (e.g. company).
  • For archaeological sites, we currently have rarely any images illustrating the sites.
With the exception of a few cities with many items, the subcategories for cantons include the categories for specific items directly. Subcategories are generally named as they appear in the inventory followed by the location in parenthesis (samples: Neubrügg (Bern), Gallusturm (Schänis)), unless the name already includes a location (sample: Grandhotel Giessbach). Terms for "house" can be dropped and replaced by the address (sample: Gerechtigkeitsgasse 40 (Bern)). If the usual category structure of Commons leads to two or several categories for parts of an item (sample: Untertorbrücke, Felsenburg (Bern)), a parent category combining them should be created (for previous sample Untertorbrücke and Felsenburg (Bern)), even if one is or could be a subcategory of the other. Sites in the Inventory of Swiss Heritage Sites (ISOS) are categorized at Category:Swiss Heritage Sites and cantonal subcategories listed as "see also" in the categories for cantons.


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