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English: Glycoproteins are proteins that contain oligosaccharide chains (glycans) covalently attached to polypeptide side-chains. The carbohydrate is attached to the protein in a cotranslational or posttranslational modification. This process is known as glycosylation. In proteins that have segments extending extracellularly, the extracellular segments are often glycosylated. Glycoproteins are often important integral membrane proteins, where they play a role in cell–cell interactions. Glycoproteins also occur in the cytosol, but their functions and the pathways producing these modifications in this compartment are less well-understood.
Español: Las glicoproteínas (también llamadas glucoproteínas, aunque dicho término no figura en la RAE) son moléculas compuestas por una proteína unida a uno o varios hidratos de carbono, simples o compuestos.
glicoproteína (es); Гликопротеидтер (kk-kz); Glikoprotein (ms); گلىيكوپروتەىيدتەر (kk-cn); Glikoprotein (tr); 糖蛋白 (zh-hk); glykoprotein (sv); Glicoproteïna (oc); Гликопротеинҳо (tg); 糖蛋白 (zh-cn); 당단백질 (ko); Гликопротеидтер (kk); glikoproteino (eo); glykoproteiny (cs); Glikoprotein (bs); glycoprotéine (fr); Glycoprotein (vi); گلىيكوپروتەىيدتەر (kk-arab); Glïkoproteïdter (kk-latn); гликопротеин (sr); 糖蛋白 (zh-sg); Гликопротеидтер (kk-cyrl); glykoprotein (nn); glykoprotein (nb); glycoprotein (en); بروتين سكري (ar); Гликопротеиддер (ky); glukoproteina (eu); Glicoproteína (ast); glicoproteïna (ca); Glykoproteine (de); Глікапратэіны (be); гликопротеин (sr-ec); 糖蛋白 (zh); Glykoprotein (da); 糖タンパク質 (ja); גליקופרוטאין (he); Glycoproteinum (la); 糖蛋白 (wuu); Glykoproteiini (fi); கிளைக்கோபுரதம் (ta); glicoproteina (it); Glükoproteiinid (et); 糖蛋白 (zh-tw); glikoprotein (sr-el); 糖蛋白 (zh-hans); Glïkoproteïdter (kk-tr); ไกลโคโปรตีน (th); Glikoproteinai (lt); Glikoprotein (sl); 糖蛋白 (zh-hant); glicoproteína (pt); Глікопротеїни (uk); Glikoprotein (id); Glikoproteiny (pl); گلیکوپروتئین (fa); Glycoproteïne (nl); Glicoproteină (ro); Гликобелковина (mk); Glikoprotein (sh); Glikoproteīns (lv); Glicoproteína (gl); гликопротеины (ru); Γλυκοπρωτεΐνη (el); glikoprotein (hu) biomolècula formada per una proteïna i un carbohidrat (ca); タンパク質を構成するアミノ酸の一部に糖鎖が結合したもの (ja); protéine avec oligosaccharides (fr); protein with oligosaccaride modifications (en); molécula composta por unha proteína unida a un ou varios hidratos de carbono (gl); بروتين (ar); Makromoleküle aus Proteinen und Zuckern (de); proteïne (nl) glucoproteínas, glucoproteinas, glicoproteínas, glicoproteina, glucoproteína, glicoproteinas, glucoproteina (es); glükoprotein (hu); Glükoproteiin (et); Гликопротеин, Протеогликан, Гликопротеид, Гликопротеиды (ru); Glycoproteine, Glykoprotein, Glycoprotein, Glykoproteid (de); Glucoproteína, Glicoproteina, Glicoproteínas (pt); گلیکو پروتئین (fa); glicoproteine, proteina glicosilata (it); Membranski glikoprotein (sr); Glikoproteinler (tr); 糖たんぱく質, 糖タンパク, 糖蛋白質, 糖蛋白 (ja); Glycoproteiner, Glycoprotein (da); Glycoprotein, Membrane glycoprotein (ar); Glykoproteiner, Glukoprotein (sv); Glikoproteidy, Glikoproteid, Glikoproteina (pl); גליקו-פרוטאין, פרוקטוזמין (he); Glycoproteinen, Glycoproteine, Glycoproteïnen (nl); Glicoproteido (gl); Glicoproteínes, Glicoproteïnes, Glicoproteid, Glucoproteïnes, Glucoproteïna (ca); Глікопротеїн, Глікопротеїди (uk); Glykoproteiinit (fi); glycoproteins (en); glucidoproteino (eo); glykoprotein (cs); glycoproteine, glycoprotéines (fr)
protein with oligosaccaride modifications
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Instance ofstructural class of chemical compounds
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Part ofglycoprotein catabolic process (reactant),
glycoprotein metabolic process (participant),
glycoprotein biosynthetic process (product),
response to glycoprotein (reactant),
cellular response to glycoprotein (reactant),
glycoprotein transport (cargo)
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