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These templates will finally aim to be merge with :

Template in usage code iso I type associated Category Number of files tl updated ?
{{অঙ্কন ঘর}} {Graphic Lab|bn|image} bn gb image Graphic Lab-bn 6 yes
{{Atelier graphique}} {Graphic Lab|fr|image} fr gf image Graphic Lab-fr 3,726 yes
{{Atelier graphique carte}} {Graphic Lab|fr|map} fr gf map Map Lab-fr 3,926 yes

{Graphic Lab|de|map}
de gd
g=gi *
map Kartenwerkstatt
Map Lab-de *
{{Fotowerkstatt}} (complex template,
with authors etc.)
photo Fotowerkstatt 3,741 not accepted (too complex)
{{Grafikwerkstatt}} {Graphic Lab|de|image} de gd image Graphic Lab-de 168 yes
{{Graphic Lab-en}} {Graphic Lab|en|image} en gl image Graphic Lab-en 120 yes
{{Map Lab-en}} {Graphic Lab|en|map} en gl map Map Lab-en 7 yes
{{Laboratorio grafico}} {Graphic Lab|it|image} it gi image Graphic Lab-it 662 yes
{{Laboratorio grafico mappa}} {Graphic Lab|it|map} it gi map Map Lab-it 288 yes
Total >16.000
{{Projet Blasons}} {Graphic Lab|fr|coa} fr gf coa CoA Lab-fr 16,484 yes
{{Project Heraldry}} {Graphic Lab|en|coa} en gl coa CoA Lab-en only categories? yes
{{Projekt Wappen}} {Graphic Lab|de|coa} de gd coa CoA Lab-de 99 yes
{{THV}} {Graphic Lab|es|coa} es ge coa CoA Lab-es 31 yes
{Graphic Lab|es|flag} es ge flag Flag Lab-es 6 yes
{{Taller de Cartografía}} {Graphic Lab|es|map} es ge map Map Lab-es 151 yes
{{WPGW vector image}} {Graphic Lab|pl|coa} pl g=pl coa CoA Lab-pl 6 yes
{Graphic Lab|pl|flag} pl g=pl flag Flag Lab-pl 3 yes
{Graphic Lab|pl|map} pl g=pl map Map Lab-pl 4 yes
{Graphic Lab|Commons|coa} commons gc coa CoA Lab-Commons 1 yes
{Graphic Lab|Commons|flag} commons gc flag Flag Lab-Commons 4 yes
{Graphic Lab|Commons|map} commons gc map Map Lab-Commons 20 yes
{{GL workshop}} {Graphic Lab|w|coa} workshop g=w coa CoA workshop 2 yes
{Graphic Lab|w|flag} workshop gw flag Flag workshop 12 yes
{Graphic Lab|w|map} workshop gw map Map workshop 5 yes
Total >34.000

In {{Image generation}} the transclusion can be done with gl (for "graphic lab", default is the English one) or g[l]=isocode for another Graphic Lab,
together with the type (subcategory-specification s=m, s=f or s=c).
g[l]=c[m] or g[l]=commons or gc specifies Graphic Lab-Commons with its subcategories: g=c|s=m will therefore categorize into Map Lab-Commons.

As an abbreviaton the code value in column «I» may be used; in general (gb, gc, gd, gf, gi, gl, ge and gw) the subcategory-specification is needed for the diversification.

Note that {{Image generation}} provides several possibilities to express the same fact. Examples for the de-Wp, other Wikipedias similar:

Preferred and recommended is gd, plus the subcategorizing s= .
Preferred and recommended is gd plus the subcategorizing s=c (or s=eh for ecclesiastical heraldry)
Preferred and recommended is gd plus the subcategorizing s=m (or s=wm for world maps).

* Note: While gd leads automatically either to {{Wappenwerkstatt}} or to {{Kartenwerkstatt}}, for categorizing directly to Graphic Lab-de a workaround exists.
To categorize instead simply into Graphic Lab-de or its subcategories the pseudo iso639-1 code "g=gi" (German individ.) can be used.

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