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<nowiki>histograma; Гистограмма; Histogram; گىيستوگرامما; Хистограма; histogramă; 直方圖; Histogram; Гістограма; 直方圖; 直方图; Gistogramma; Гистограмма; blokdiagramo; histogram; আয়তলেখ; histogramme; היסטאגראם; گىيستوگرامما; Gïstogramma; хистограм; 直方图; Гистограмма; histogram; histogram; Histogram; histogram; histogram; مدرج تكراري; 組織圖; hisztogram; Histograma; histograma; Histogramm; Histogrami; هیستوگرام; 直方图; Histogram; ヒストグラム; היסטוגרמה; आयतचित्र; histogrammi; Istograma; histogramm; நிகழ்வெண் செவ்வகப்படம்; istogramma; histogramm; Istogramma; histograma; Ιστόγραμμα; 히스토그램; 直方圖; Histoqramma; histogram; Хистограм; Gïstogramma; histogram; Histogram; Histogram; Гистограм; histogram; histogram; Histogramma; хистограм; histogram; ਆਇਤ ਚਿੱਤਰ; гистограмма; 直方图; histográmma; representación gráfica de una variable en forma de barras; représentation graphique de la distribution d'une variable aléatoire; diagram batang; graficzna reprezentacja danych; צורת הצגה גרפית של נתונים, נפוצה מאוד בסטטיסטיקה; Grafische weergave van frequentieverdeling van data; grafische Darstellung der Häufigkeitsverteilung kardinal skalierter Merkmale; representação gráfica em colunas ou em barras de um conjunto de dados; graphical representation of the bucketed distribution of numerical data; نمایش گرافیکی توزیع داده های عددی; reprezentare grafică a distribuției pachetelor de date; 度数分布図; Wykres słupkowy; היסטוגרם; Kolommendiagram; היסטאָגראַם; histogramma; نمودارستونی; Histogramas; المُنسَّج; المنسَج; المخطط الدرجي; مخطط توزع</nowiki>
graphical representation of the bucketed distribution of numerical data
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A histogram is a graphical display of tabulated frequencies. It shows what proportion of cases fall into each of several categories. A histogram differs from a bar chart in that it is the area of the bar that denotes the value, not the height, a crucial distinction when the categories are not of uniform width.


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