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DomainEukaryota • RegnumAnimalia • PhylumArthropoda • SubphylumHexapoda • ClassisInsecta • SubclassisPterygota • InfraclassisNeoptera • SuperordoEndopterygota • OrdoTrichoptera • Familia: Hydroptilidae Stephens, 1836
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Included genera (for Catalogue of Life):
Abtrichia, Acanthotrichia, Acostatrichia, Acritoptila, Agraylea, Alisotrichia, Anchitrichia, Ascotrichia, Austratrichia, Betrichia, Bredinia, Byrsopteryx, Caledonotrichia, Catoxyethira, Celaenotrichia, Cerasmatrichia, Ceratotrichia, Chrysotrichia, Costatrichia, Cyclopsiella, Dhatrichia, Dibusa, Dicaminus, Eutonella, Flintiella, Hellyethira, Hydroptila, Hydroptilina, Ithytrichia, Jabitrichia, Kumanskiella, Leucotrichia, Macrostactobia, Mayatrichia, Maydenoptila, Mejicanotrichia, Metrichia, Microptila, Missitrichia, Mulgravia, Neotrichia, Niuginitrichia, Nothotrichia, Ochrotrichia, Orphninotrichia, Orthotrichia, Oxyethira, Palaeagapetus, Parastactobia, Paroxyethira, Paucicalcaria, Peltopsyche, Plethus, Ptilocolepus, Rhyacopsyche, Scelobotrichia, Scelotrichia, Stactobia, Stactobiella, Tangatrichia, Taraxitrichia, Tricholeiochiton, Ugandatrichia, Vietrichia, Wlitrichia, Xuthotrichia, Zumatrichia
Included genera (for NCBI):
Agraylea, Alisotrichia, Anchitrichia, Bredinia, Byrsopteryx, Costatrichia, Dibusa, Hydroptila, Ithytrichia, Leucotrichia, Mayatrichia, Neotrichia, Nothotrichia, Ochrotrichia, Orthotrichia, Oxyethira, Palaeagapetus, Paroxyethira, Ptilocolepus, Rhyacopsyche, Stactobia, Stactobiella
Included genera (for TPDB):
Allotrichia, Burminoptila, Electrotrichia, Hydroptila
Included genera (for WoRMS):
Hydroptila, Stactobiella


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