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  • Built by: Hill, Charles & Sons, Albion Yard, Bristol
  • Certificate no 142
  • Length: Overall 31.39 metres
  • Beam: 7.37 metres
  • Depth: 3.66 metres
  • Tonnage: Gross 274.00


  • 1886 Built as a Light Vessel (LV 55) as a batch order of three (LB54, LV55 and LV59) for Trinity House. The hull type was wood with iron beams. When the Light Vessel was on Bristol Channel duty moored 12 miles out from Avonmouth, there was a tradition for members of the Cruising Club to visit taking newspapers and other gifts for the crew
  • 1954 Sold out of service to Portishead for scrap where her lantern and metal work was removed. She is now owned by Cabot Cruising Club, Bathurst Basin, Bristol.