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Ελληνικά: Ποντιακή λύρα (Pontian Lyra), Κεμεντζές
فارسی: کمانچه
Deutsch: Kemençe
English: Kemenche
Nederlands: Kementsje
Русский: Кеменче
Türkçe: Kemençe
Українська: Кеменче

For "spiked fiddle", see Category:Kamancheh.

Historically, Rebab-style Kemençe was known in Persia in 13th century (Meragi, c.1400),[1]
and the related instrument in Azerbaijan, Kamancheh, have still kept the similar shape with Rebab.
See Category:Rebab and Category:Kamancheh.


  1. Seyma Ersoy. Geleneksel İran Müzik Tarihine Genel Bakış (in Turkey).
    (In English: "Kemançe (Kemançe) ... The name of the instrument varies from region to region. Kamange, Saz-e Kashmir, Caze, and Gicak. This change is seen in connection with the shape. Different versions of the Azerbaijan, Israel, Turkey and the Middle East is seen. ... Rebab: ... This instrument is known to the Arabs and Iranians. Iranians used to play plectrum or manually. According to the Persia literature at the Mevlana Rumi (d.1273) era, Rebab-style Kemençe is still seen as an instrument of a century later (Meragi, c.1400) began to be called kut.")


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