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English: Burgundy is a historic region in Western Europe that has existed as a political entity in a number of forms with very different boundaries. Two of these entities - the first around the 6th century, the second around the 11th century - have been called the Kingdom of Burgundy; a third was very nearly createdincluding a County and Duchy, almost all of them being influential and fairly wealthy. In the last stages of the later house of Burgundy, Burgundy had became one of the most influential and powerful states in Europe and a great prize as a Duchy, with possessions obtained by marriage and inheritance extending from and encompassing the Netherlands (then including modern Belgium), and extensive lands from Lorraine and encompassing the entire surrounds of the valley of the Rhone River, nearly to the Rhine abutting western Switzerland extending down the Rhone Valley to the Mediterranean coast.
Français : Un premier royaume de Bourgogne, la Burgondie, fut créé par le peuple burgonde après son installation sur les bords du lac Léman, en Sapaudie, au . Son souverain le plus glorieux, Gondebaud, gouverna alors un territoire qui s'étend de Langres à Marseille et du Rhin à la Loire.


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