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DomainEukaryota • RegnumAnimalia • PhylumChordata • SubphylumVertebrata • InfraphylumGnathostomata • SuperclassisTetrapoda • ClassisMammalia • SubclassisTheria • InfraclassisEutheria • OrdoPrimates • SubordoStrepsirrhini • InfraordoLemuriformes • Superfamilia: Lemuroidea Gray, 1873
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Archaeolemuridae, Indridae, Lemuridae, Lepilemuridae, †Palaeopropithecidae
Indriidae, Lemuridae, Lepilemuridae
Indridae, Lemuridae, Lepilemuridae
Archaeolemuridae, Indriidae, Lemuridae, Lepilemuridae, †Megaladapidae, †Palaeopropithecidae
Archaeolemuridae, Cheirogaleidae, Daubentoniidae, Indriidae, Lemuridae, Lepilemuridae, †Megaladapidae, †Palaeopropithecidae
Note: In this taxonomy, Cheirogaleidae no longer has its own subfamilia Cheirogaleoidea and Daubentoniidae no longer has its own infraordo Chiromyiformes
  • Note: Lemur taxonomy is controversial, and not all experts agree, particularly with the recent increase in the number of recognized species.


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