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This category should be for people, or groups, who self identify or who are commonly publicly identified as multiracial, not just any person who may appear to be multiracial, as the term race doesnt have a fixed definition.

multirracial (es); 混血兒 (yue); métis (fr); Segarassid (et); Melezi (sr-el); 混血儿 (zh-hans); multiracial (ca); Multietnisk (da); Μιγάδες (el); multirracialidade (pt); 혼혈 (ko); Мелези (sr-ec); 混血兒 (zh); Мелези (sr); Multirasial (id); 混血兒 (zh-hk); Chotara (sw); Polyphyleticus (la); Chino (sv); Pòaⁿ-hóng-á (nan); багаторасові люди (uk); Qarışıq Milliyətlilik (az); 混血兒 (zh-hant); רב-גזעיות (he); 混血 (ja); Multi-racial (mwl); mixed race people (en); miksrasulo (eo); multirasiałe (vec); 混血兒 (zh-tw) que inclou diverses races (ca); dont les parents ont des origines géographiques, culturelles ou des caractéristiques phénotypiques différentes (fr); made up of or relating to people of many races (en); homo deveninta de pluraj rasoj (eo); 父母為不同人種、民族或國族背景的人 (zh) 国際児, 二以上の人種 (ja); multiethnique (fr); multi-racial, multi-racialidade, plurirracial, plurirracialidade, pluri-racial (pt); biracial, multiethnic, polyethnic, multiracial, multiraciality (en); 혼혈아, 혼혈인 (ko); 混血, 混血人种 (zh); Blandfolk (sv)
mixed race people 
made up of or relating to people of many races
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