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DomainEukaryota • RegnumAnimalia • PhylumChordata • SubphylumVertebrata • InfraphylumGnathostomata • SuperclassisTetrapoda • ClassisMammalia • SubclassisTheria • InfraclassisEutheria • OrdoRodentia • SuperfamiliaMuroidea • Familia: Muridae Illiger, 1811
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Included subfamilies (for Mammal Species of the World):
Deomyinae, Gerbillinae, Leimacomyinae, Murinae, Otomyinae
Included genera (for Mammal Species of the World):
Abditomys, Abeomelomys, Acomys, Aethomys, Ammodillus, Anisomys, Anonymomys, Apodemus, Apomys, Archboldomys, Arvicanthis, Bandicota, Batomys, Berylmys, Brachiones, Bullimus, Bunomys, Carpomys, Chiromyscus, Chiropodomys, Chiruromys, Chrotomys, Coccymys, Colomys, Conilurus, Coryphomys, Crateromys, Cremnomys, Crossomys, Crunomys, Dacnomys, Dasymys, Deomys, Dephomys, Desmodilliscus, Desmodillus, Desmomys, Diomys, Diplothrix, Dipodillus, Echiothrix, Eropeplus, Gerbilliscus, Gerbillurus, Gerbillus, Golunda, Grammomys, Hadromys, Haeromys, Hapalomys, Heimyscus, Hybomys, Hydromys, Hylomyscus, Hyomys, Kadarsanomys, Komodomys, Lamottemys, Leggadina, Leimacomys, Lemniscomys, Lenomys, Lenothrix, Leopoldamys, Leporillus, Leptomys, Limnomys, Lophuromys, Lorentzimys, Macruromys, Madromys, Malacomys, Mallomys, Malpaisomys, Mammelomys, Margaretamys, Mastacomys, Mastomys, Maxomys, Melasmothrix, Melomys, Meriones, Mesembriomys, Micaelamys, Microdillus, Microhydromys, Micromys, Millardia, Muriculus, Mus, Mylomys, Myomyscus, Myotomys, Nesokia, Nesoromys, Nilopegamys, Niviventer, Notomys, Oenomys, Otomys, Pachyuromys, Palawanomys, Papagomys, Parahydromys, Paraleptomys, Paramelomys, Parotomys, Paruromys, Paulamys, Pelomys, Phloeomys, Pithecheir, Pithecheirops, Pogonomelomys, Pogonomys, Praomys, Protochromys, Psammomys, Pseudohydromys, Pseudomys, Rattus, Rhabdomys, Rhagamys, Rhombomys, Rhynchomys, Sekeetamys, Solomys, Sommeromys, Spelaeomys, Srilankamys, Stenocephalemys, Stochomys, Sundamys, Taeromys, Tarsomys, Tateomys, Tatera, Taterillus, Thallomys, Thamnomys, Tokudaia, Tryphomys, Uranomys, Uromys, Vandeleuria, Vernaya, Xenuromys, Xeromys, Zelotomys, Zyzomys
  • Note: In the past more genus were placed in family Muridae (containing 17 subfamilies), but recent research transformed the large Muridae in the superfamily Muroidea containing six families including a smaller Muridae (containing only 5 subfamilies). ITIS still don't recognize Muroidea and its six families.


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