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DomainEukaryota • RegnumProtista • PhylumAmoebozoa • InfraphylumMycetozoa • Classis: Myxomycetes
Myxomycetes (preferred by fr.wikipedia & Index Fungorum & MycoBank)
Myxogastria (preferred by en.wikipedia & NCBI)
Myxogastrea (preferred by Wikispecies & WoRMS)
Myxomycota (preferred by en.wikipedia & it.wikipedia)
Wikispecies has an entry on:
Echinosteliales, Liceales, Physariida, Stemonitida, Trichiida
Echinosteliida, Liceida, Parastelida, Physarida, Stemonitida, Trichiida
Echinostelida, Liceida, Physarida, Stemonitida, Trichiida
Echinosteliales, Liceales, Physarales, Stemonitales, Trichiales