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This category has been populated as part of a batch upload of maps from the New York Public Library on-line archives. Refer to Batch uploading/NYPL Maps for details of the upload project.

Potential bugs:

  1. If an image appears to have a magenta or white overlay, this will be due to an inappropriate colour profile embedded in the file. To restore the image, it needs to be loaded into a tool like Photoshop and resaved as an identical tiff but with colour profiles removed (normally a save option).
  2. Due to template limitations of the GWToolset, uploads may have odd text formatting showing several semi-colons before the information box. This is being corrected by a house-keeping script post-upload and should be ignored.
  3. Tiffs larger than 50 megapixels will not have thumbnails rendered on Commons at the current time. Any of interest should be duplicated as jpeg versions which can be saved at the identical resolution but should have thumbnails automatically created. Please link the jpegs and tiffs to each other by updating the other_versions parameter in the information template.

If you notice other issues, please raise them on the batch upload project page linked above.

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