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The Nehru–Gandhi family or Nehru - Feroze Gandhi family is an Indian political family which has been dominant in the Indian National Congress (INC) for most of India's history since independence. It is to be noted that they do not belong to the Mohandas K. Gandhi's family, though the fortuitous coincidence of their sharing a last name with the fabled founding father has only served to further cement their position as his political heirs in the popular imagination of most Indians. Three members of the family – Jawaharlal Nehru, his daughter Indira Gandhi and her son Rajiv Gandhi – have been Prime Minister of India, two of whom (Indira and Rajiv Gandhi) have been assassinated. A fourth member of the family, Rajiv's widow Sonia Gandhi, is currently INC President. Rajiv and Sonia's son, Rahul Gandhi, is a member of Parliament and General Secretary of the Congress Party. Two other family members, Maneka Gandhi, and her son Varun, are also members of the Parliament.


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