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DomainEukaryota • RegnumAnimalia • PhylumCnidaria • ClassisAnthozoa • Subclassis: Octocorallia Haeckel, 1866
Octocorallia Haeckel, 1866 (preferred by BioLib & ITIS & NCBI & TPDB & WoRMS)
Alcyonaria Dana, 1846 (preferred by Wikispecies)
Alcyonacea, Helioporacea, Pennatulacea, Stolonifera, Telestacea
Alcyonacea, Helioporacea, Pennatulacea, Telestacea
Alcyonacea, Helioporacea, Octocorallia incertae sedis, Pennatulacea


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