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The PCE-827 class was a series of patrol vessels, built in the United States during World War II. The ships shared the hull design of the Admirable class of Minesweepers, and originally the numbers PCE-827 to PCE-960 were allotted. Their primary duty was to serve as submarine chasers.

The actual production was this:
PCE-827 - PCE-841. Delivered to the Royal Navy on completion, and known as the Kil class in RN service.
PCE-842 - PCE-847. Initial USN production. The class is therefore often referred to as the PCE-842 class.
PCE-848 - PCE-859. Completed with hospital facilities as PCE(R)'s. (R for Rescue).
PCE-860 - PCE-866. Planned as PCE(R)'s, but cancelled.
PCE-867 - PCE-886. Built.
PCE-887 - PCE-890. Cancelled.
PCE-891 - PCE-904. Built.
PCE-905 - PCE-960. Cancelled.


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