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Reed Organs :

Musical instrument producing sound with reeds and a Vaccuum system.
See also category: Harmoniums. (pressure system)

For variations of Harmoniums / Reed organs see category: Pump organs by type.


  • Dr. Robert J. Allan, Ch. Phys. (2003–2004) "The Reed Organ" in The Free Reed Organ in England
    "Reed organs, for the sake of this study, are usually free reed organs powered by vacuum (suction), often refered to as “American organs” because most originated in the USA. They are also often refered to as “pump organs” on all continents. Ian Thompson refers to them as SROs (Suction Reed Organs). ... We note however that there are some pressure instruments which cannot be classified as harmoniums (such as certain models of Aeolian Orchestrelle and the Vocalion) and there are also combined suction/ pressure instruments which we have listed as reed organs. We thus reserve the name “harmonium” for the original French style pressure wind instrument and use the name “reed organ” for everything else."


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