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Roustam Raza or Rostan Razmadze also known as Roustan or Rustam, was Napoleon Bonaparte's famous Georgian-Armenian mamluk bodyguard. Roustam was born in Tbilisi, Georgia. At thirteen Roustan was kidnapped and sold as a slave in Cairo. The Turks gave him the name Idzhahia. The sheikh of Cairo presented him to General Napoleon Bonaparte in 1798. Roustam served as a bodyguard of Napoleon until 1814, when he married Mademoiselle Douville in Dourdan, France and refused to follow the Emperor in his exile to Elba.

English: Roustam Raza
Deutsch: Roustam Raza
Français : Roustam Raza
Հայերեն: Ռուստամ Ռազա
ქართული: როსტომ რაზმაძე
Русский: Рустам Раза
Українська: Рустам Раза
עברית: רוסטאן
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