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DomainEukaryota • RegnumAnimalia • PhylumCnidaria • ClassisAnthozoa • SubclassisHexacorallia • Ordo: Scleractinia Bourne, 1900
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Scleractinia, are exclusively marine animals; they are very similar to sea anemones but generate a hard skeleton. They first appeared in the Middle Triassic and replaced tabulate and rugose corals that went extinct at the end of the Permian.

Archaeofungiina, Astrocoeniina, Caryophylliina, Dendrophylliina, Faviina, Fungiina
Note: Plus familiae †Latomeandridae, †Montlivaltiidae, †Stylinidae
Astrocoeniina, Caryophylliina, Dendrophylliina, Faviina, Fungiina
Astrocoeniina, Caryophylliina, Dendrophylliina, Faviina, Fungiina, Meandriina
<nowiki>Scleractinia; kőkorallok; Scleractinia; Scleractinia; Escleractinis; Steinkorallen; Scleractinia; Scleractinia; مرجان‌های سنگی; 石珊瑚目; 石珊瑚目; მადრეპოროვნები; イシサンゴ目; Scleractinia; Scleractinia; Konárniky; Scleractinia; אלמוגאים; Scleractinia; 石珊瑚目; Scleractinia; Scleractinia; kivikorallit; Stiankoralen; Scleractinia; каменести корали; Madreporaria; Scleractinia; Scleractinia; Scleractinia; Scleractinia; мадрепоровые кораллы; Scleractinia; Scleractinia; Scleractinia; korale madreporowe; Scleractinia; 石珊瑚目; Scleractinia; Scleractinia; Tóchʼil yooʼí ntłʼizígíí; Steenkorale; Scleractinia; Scleractinia; Мадрепордуу шурулар (түркүм).; Scleractinia; 石珊瑚目; Scleractinia; steinkorallar; steinkoraller; 石珊瑚目; Мадрепорови корали; مرجانيات صلبه; Scleractinia; větevníci; Escleractinias; مرجانيات صلبة; 石珊瑚目; мадрепорові корали; ordine di coralli; ordre de coraux; csalánozó rend; разред мешести; رتبه من القراصات; Ordre de zoantaris; orden av nesledyr; orde van neteldieren uit de onderklasse Zoantharia; отряд кораллов; order of cnidarians; Ordnung der Klasse Blumentiere (Anthozoa); ред жаркари; orde de cnidarios; رتبة من القراصات; 刺胞动物门的一目棘皮动物; řád korálnatců; Madreporaria; Coral pétreo; Coral petreo; Madrépores; Scléractiniaires; Madréporaire; Scléractiniaire; Corail dur; Coraux durs; Scleractinia; Madreporaria; Stenkorall; Scleractinia; Skleraktinia; Scleractina; Madreporaria; korale kamienne; korale rafotwórcze; koralowce kamienne; madreporowce; korale rafowe; skleraktinie; Coralls de pedra; Scleractinia; Madreporaria; Scleractinia; Steenkoralen; Steenkoraal; Scleractinia; Madreporaria; Polipi del corallo; Madrepore; Skleractinia; Skleraktinia; Madreporaria; Steinkoralle; Corais-pétreos; Coral-pétreo; Madreporaria; Escleractinios; Madreporarios; Corais duros; Corais pétreos; Scleractinia; Scleractinia; модропорни корали; Scleractinia; Scleractinia; Madreporarida; Scleractinida</nowiki>
order of cnidarians
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Wikidata Q195605
GND ID: 4278855-9
Library of Congress authority ID: sh85118727
NDL Authority ID: 00564264
BNCF Thesaurus ID: 36262
National Library of Israel J9U ID: 987007563225405171
NCBI taxonomy ID: 6125
ITIS TSN: 52839
Encyclopedia of Life ID: 1799
Fossilworks taxon ID: 6108
GBIF taxon ID: 714
WoRMS-ID for taxa: 1363
Plazi ID: 934ECA05-C75E-FFA7-E108-FC4FFDC61A66, 7911FA2B-1060-FFBE-FF1E-73F9911C88CD, 03C5797C-FFDD-FFA4-FF32-F897FDA4F8E6
New Zealand Organisms Register ID: f7e2b2b4-0f0b-4163-8e3e-ac653dd920da
iNaturalist taxon ID: 47532
NBN System Key: NBNSYS0000160957
BOLD Systems taxon ID: 24790
ADW taxon ID: Scleractinia
IRMNG ID: 11376
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