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Emperors of the Qing Dynasty
English: Images of the Shunzhi Emperor (traditional Chinese: 順治帝; simplified Chinese: 顺治帝; Pinyin: Shùnzhì; Wade-Giles: Shun-chih) (March 15, 1638 – February 5, 1661?), second emperor of the Manchu Qing dynasty. Officially known posthumously as Emperor Zhāngdì (章皇帝).
Español: Imágenes del Emperador Shunzhi (chino tradicional: 順治帝, chino simplificado: 顺治帝, pinyin: Shùnzhì, Wade-Giles: Shun-chih) (15 de marzo de 1638 – 5 de febrero de 1661?), segundo emperador de la dinastía Qing manchú. A título póstumo se le conoció como Emperador Zhāngdì (章皇帝).
Shunzhi Emperor 
Qing Dynasty emperor of China
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Date of birth15 March 1638
ᡶᡠᠯᡳᠨ (fulin)
Date of death5 February 1661
Shuntian Fu
  • natural causes
Place of burial
Country of citizenship
Position held
  • State Princess Wenzhuang
  • State Princess Aukhan
  • State Princess Jingduan
  • State Princess Yongmu
  • State Princess Shuhui
  • Sixth daughter of Huang Taiji
  • State Princess Shuzhe
  • State Princess Yong'an
  • ninth daughter of Huang Taiji
  • tenth daughter of Huang Taiji
  • State Princess Duanshun
  • twelfth daughter of Huang Taiji
  • thirteenth daughter of Huang Taiji
  • Princess of the second rank Kechun
  • Hooge
  • Bombogor
  • Loge
  • Lobohoi
  • Yebušu
  • Šose
  • Gose
  • Cangšu
  • Toose
  • Niuniu
  • Fuquan
  • Kangxi Emperor
  • Prince Rong
  • Changning
  • Q7335043
  • Q7335068
  • Q7335092
  • Q7335118
  • Borjigit, Demoted Empress
  • Empress Xiaohuizhang
  • Empress Xiaokangzhang
  • Consort Zhen
  • Consort Dao
  • Consort Shu
  • Consort Donggo
  • Consort Shuhui
Authority control
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