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English: The Cambrian en:Tapeats Sandstone-(oldest member of the Tonto Group).
Muav Limestone
Bright Angel Shale
Tapeats Sandstone.

The Tapeats Sandstone is deposited on an erosional surface-(Vishnu Group and Grand Canyon Supergroup, and (at specific locales), on an angular, tilted surface, ~15 degrees), and an "erosion unconformity". The unconformity is called the en:Great Unconformity. The Great Unconformity has exposures in Arizona, specifically, the Grand Canyon, (then en:Arizona transition zone region), northern en:Mazatzal Mountains-(northeast region, Mazatzal Wilderness), the en:Sierra Ancha, other Mogollon Rim locales; also at en:Frenchman Mountain, at Las Vegas, Nevada.

There are actually 2 unconformities displayed below the Tapeats Sandstone, an erosion unconformity (about 1,000 million yrs (1.0 billion)), and an angular unconformity, since of the Vishnu Group, besides its intrusion members, a large group, the Unkar Group, is at the angular unconformity-(a large, multi-layered sequence of the paleo-continent was tectonically tilted). The paleo-landform under the Tapeats, was also paleo-faulted.


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