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DomainEukaryota • RegnumAnimalia • PhylumArthropoda • SubphylumHexapoda • ClassisInsecta • SubclassisPterygota • InfraclassisNeoptera • SuperordoEndopterygota • OrdoDiptera • SubordoBrachycera • InfraordoMuscomorpha • SuperfamiliaTephritoidea • Familia: Tephritidae Macquart, 1835
Dithrycini Foote & al., 1993 (Tribus) (from ITIS)
Ditricha Rondani, 1871 (from BioLib)
Euphrantini Hering, 1947 (Tribus) (from ITIS)
Myopitini Hendel, 1927 (Tribus) (from ITIS)
Oedaspidini Foote, 1980 (Tribus) (from ITIS)
Tephriditae Bigot, 1952 (from BioLib)
Tephritides Saunders, 1841 (from BioLib)
Tephritidina Lynch, 1881 (from BioLib)
Tephritidi Bigot, 1886 (from BioLib)
Tephritinae Newman, 1834 (Subfamilia) (from ITIS)
Tephritini Newman, 1834 (Tribus) (from ITIS)
Tephritisini Aclocque, 1897 (from BioLib)
Tephrititae Desmarest, 1860 (from BioLib)
Tephritites Newman, 1834 (from BioLib)
Tephrititi Lioy, 1864 (from BioLib)
Tephriti Lioy, 1895 (from BioLib)
Terelliini Hendel, 1927 (Tribus) (from ITIS)
Toxotrypanini Munro, 1984 (Tribus) (from ITIS)
Trypetinae Loew, 1861 (Subfamilia) (from ITIS)
Trypetini Loew, 1861 (Tribus) (from ITIS)
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Included subfamilies (for BioLib):
Blepharoneurinae, Dacinae, Phytalmiinae, Tachiniscinae, Tephritinae, Trypetidinae
Note: Plus genera Oxyphora, Pseudorellia, Stylia
Included subfamilies (for NCBI):
Blepharoneurinae, Dacinae, Phytalmiinae, Tachiniscinae, Tephritinae, Trypetinae, Zaceratinae
Included genera (for BioLib & Catalogue of Life & ITIS & NCBI):
Genera of Tephritidae
  • If you intend to add a photograph, please add a note on the locality, because an identification isn't possible without it.
  • If you couldn't identify the species, please save it in Unknown Tephritidae, where the specialist are able to do it.


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