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The Art Journal, published in London, was the most important Victorian journal on art. It was founded in 1839 by Hodgson & Graves, with the title The Art Union Monthly Journal, was renamed The Art Journal by 1849 and began publishing annually. The periodical ceased publication in 1912.

Its publisher commissioned original etchings by, e.g., Axel Haig, J.M.W. Whistler, Seymour Haden, Hubert von Herkomer, Alfred Brunet-Debaines, Miles Birket Foster, Sir Charles Holroyd, Alphonse Legros, John MacWhirter, Arthur Severn and others. Amongst its essayists were R.N. Wornum, Thomas Wright, F.W. Fairholt, Edward Lewes Cutts, and Llewellynn Jewitt.