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English: This 'inevitable' category title is intended to group Trainz images which have not been placed in a more appropriate subcategory of the parent Category:Trainz railroad simulators.
See also: Category:Trainz - if doing category sorting maintenance tasks.
 The Trainz subcategories can be found off the structural parent Category:Trainz railroad simulators, and as can be seen, sub-categories are oriented towards the How-To expositions in the various languages Trainz Wikibooks divisions.
 currently these are:    [e]
     category:Trainz Asset Generation      category:Trainz Asset Maintenance      category:Trainz Asset Repairing
     category:Trainz maps screenshots      category:Trainz panoramas      *category:Trainz images also in videos
     category:Trainz Use Tutorials      category:Trainz     * category:Trainz Content Manager
     category:Text-only screenshots of Trainz      *category:Trainz_Driver_screenshots      *category:Trainz_Surveyor_screenshots

and resources in category:Trainz templates
 Asterisked categories (* or **) are sub-categories of the others child-parents of Category:Trainz railroad simulators.

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