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English: Generally for files that use the multiple translations within one SVG by using the <switch> element. Use syntax like:

[[File:Foo.svg|lang=de]] or {{F|Foo.svg|...|lang=de}}

In future the explicit lang parameter could be set (automatically) for default by the local Wiki (as modern browsers do).

How to use the switch[edit]

There are many examples, esp. at SVG simplification by text switch. The file Gerrit patchset 25838 test.svg shows how the <text systemLanguage="de, en, es"> can be used if one text is the same for more languages, and the use of the default language by a (final) <text> element without a systemLanguage attribute. This example show also the use of different font sizes.

Another example is the file Map of USA with state names.svg: it contains translations for more than 150 languages.


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