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Waldzither is a plucked string instrument of the cittern family, which came up around 1900 in Thüringen. Despite of name, it is not a zither, but rather belongs, like cittern, to the necked box lutes family.

The Waldzither is a German type of cittern, as develop in other countries have their own cittern-variants; for example, the Portuguese guitar in Portugal, the English guitar in England, and the Irish bouzouki in Ireland.

  • See also category: Zithers.   for descendants of medieval Scheitholt, which was named in 19th century after "(neck) zither", the cittern family instruments in Germany.
  • See also category: Lute guitars.   for yet another instrument which share the name of "Deutsche Laute".

Other resources[edit]

  • cittern - (Thüringer) waldzither. ATLAS of Plucked Instruments. "The waldzither became popular in Germany in the first half of the 20th century. It is a far relative of the English guittar, but has only 5 courses (missing the 2nd lowest bass string). It is like a (4 course) Harzzither, with an extra (single) bass string."
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