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The wyvern is similar to a European dragon, but it differs in that it has only two legs, cannot breathe fire, and has a barbed or snake-like tail.

This category collects coats of arms depicting this heraldic figure(s)
Attention: This category contains media relating to a charges in heraldry displayed in the shield.

It is a subcategory of Category:Charges in heraldry.

In this context, as for all the other subcategories of Category:Charges in heraldry, “…in heraldry” means “…in shield and not in crest”. In the same way, Category:Charges in heraldry must not be confused with the Category:Heraldic external ornaments.

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<nowiki>Dragón heráldico; Wyvern; víbria; Wyvern; Վայվերն; 飛龍; Guive; ویورن; 飛龍; Wyvern; וייוורן; Виверна; 飛龍; 와이번; Viverno; Wyverna; Viverna; Vouivre; Viverne; Виверн; serpe; Traakki; اژدهای دوپا; ワイバーン; Wyvern; Wivern; Виверн; ไวเวิร์น; Wiwern; Виверна; Wyvern; Wyvern; Wyvern; ਵੇਵਰਨ; Marghsylli; wyvern; ويفيرن; 飞龙; Vivernus; criatura mitológica; 竜の図像の一つ; créature légendaire; Makhluk legenda berkaki dua; יצור מיתולוגי; Wapendeert; Im englischen Sprachraum die Bezeichnung für einen Darstellungstyp heraldischer Drachen; taruolento; legendary winged creature with a dragon's head; mostro mitologico; animal mitològic; Dragon heraldico; Guiverno; Wyvern; Dragón heraldico; Dragon heráldico; Wyvern; ワイヴァーン; ワイヴァン; Biscione; Guivre; Wivre; Wywern; วายเวิร์น; Wiwerna; Lindwurm; Wywerna; ויברן; Vibra; Vibre; Wivern; Wyvern; wivern; Виверн; Вайверн; Wiverna; Wyvern; Wyvern</nowiki>
legendary winged creature with a dragon's head
Чугунная скульптура виверны (1825) в парке Wrest Park, Силсо, Бедфордшир
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