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Economic diagrams[edit]

Hey Timeshifter. I agree that they should not all be thrown in the top level cat (in fact, I was just about to disperse myself). However, I disagree with your changes to the categorising of categories. I accept that the present (previous) system is (was) a reflection of how I think it should be done, because I put in a lot of time sorting it out. But I simply disagree with the changing of "diagram" to "chart" in [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] and [7]. I think that "diagram" is both the more correct and the more semantically useful option here (any other edits rolled in I would not revert). In economics, diagrams are the ones which demonstrate pure theory. Charts and graphs demonstrate "real life" (useful [EDIT: usually] macroeconomic) facts and figures. The two are completely unrelated, and I don't see how the diagrams could be referred to as charts, but I've no doctorate in Econ, so maybe I'm mistaken. Still, I thought I should at least mention it before you change any more. Thanks, Jarry1250 (talk) 19:44, 15 October 2010 (UTC)

I agree partially with your rules: "In economics, diagrams are the ones which demonstrate pure theory. Charts and graphs demonstrate 'real life' (useful macroeconomic) facts and figures." So maybe I miscategorized some things.
I have since better categorized some of those categories (hopefully). More to do.
OK. I see where I got confused:
Category:Cost and revenue curves - It does not contain any statistics. I am not sure I would call them diagrams. I can't categorize them currently in a statistics category. None of the current charts/graphs in that category contain any statistics.
Some people are bound to put some actual statistics-based versions of those charts/graphs in this category. We need a way to separate the theory charts/graphs from the real-life versions with statistics in them. --Timeshifter (talk) 09:56, 16 October 2010 (UTC)
When people put real-life versions in the diagram category, I move them to a more appropriate category, it doesn't take very long to tell the difference, because AFAIK no-one actually draws that sort of thing for real markets, only textbooks! :) The files in Category:Cost and revenue curves are definitely diagrams, I assure you. Just like supply and demand curves. I can probably find a cite for that too... Oh, and I'm not sure about stats categories myself. Jarry1250 (talk) 13:59, 16 October 2010 (UTC) p.s. thanks for the self reverts.