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Good afternoon, can someone please check out the nature of the edit row logged here today 18 January between 03:21 and 04:33, revealing no fewer than 41(!) undo edits all unexplained which bares the smell of a small-scale mass vandalization over the Somalia tree - not including re-establishing TWO duplic-subcategories that a senior delete-permissioned Commons user had earlier deleted upon the fair logic of Prevention of nuance duplications. If you guys convince me this edit series from 9 hours ago is a Good faith use of free edit features these edits won't be reverted. - but for the present this situation that I yesterday was repairing spells out great unneeded perplexity and confusion whereas no reasonable reader will ever tell "Somali women" from "Women of Somalia" and hence the former definition should not take case as a parallel category or altogether exist. Thank you,Orrling's talk 12:44, 18 January 2012 (UTC)

The user above has for no apparent reason been tagging for speedy deletion all sorts of legitimate, long-standing Somali categories. These speedy deletion attempts have been reverted multiple times by other editors (c.f. [1], [2], [3]). The Category:Somali men and Category:Somali women categories are just two of the many such categories that the user tagged. They are also the only ones that he successfully managed to have deleted, ostensibly under the false pretext that they were "duplicates" given the existence of the Category:Men of Somalia and Category:Women of Somalia parent categories. However, as I explained on each categories' talk page ([4], [5]), the Somali men and Somali women categories are actually reserved for people from the Somali ethnic group, not the nationality. Somalia is a multiethnic country inhabited by diverse populations (ergo, Category:Ethnic groups in Somalia). These Somali men and Somali women categories are thus earmarked for people from only one of the nation's ethnic groups. The Somali ethnic group in question also traditionally inhabits more countries than just Somalia; c.f. Greater Somalia. This is why the Category:Somalis is additionally linked to under Category:Ethnic groups in Ethiopia, among others. The reverts that the user above alludes to were thus me simply restoring the Somali men and Somali women category links on various files that he had unhelpfully attempted to replace en masse with the Men of Somalia and Women of Somalia parent categories. Middayexpress (talk) 16:36, 18 January 2012 (UTC)