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Circa (often abbreviated c., ca., ca or cca. and sometimes italicized to show it is Latin) means "in approximately" (it literally means "around"), generally referring to a date. It is widely used in genealogy and historical writing, when the dates of events are approximately known.

Afrikaans: Die Latynse woord circa, beteken letterlik omtrent of ongeveer, en word gebruik om verskeie datums (gereeld geboorte- of sterftedatums) wat onseker is aan te dui. 'n Mens kan byvoorbeeld sê dat Pearl Harbor circa (afgekort na c. or ca.) 1941 aangeval is, as daar onsekerheid is oor die jaar waarin dit plaasgevind het.
Català: Circa (un adverbi) és sinònim d'al voltant de. Circa prové del llatí, i s'utilitza habitualment de forma abreujada com ca. o c. per descriure dates quan només es coneix una data aproximada. Per exemple, amb dates de naixement.

When used in date ranges, a circa is applied before each approximate date, while dates without a circa immediately preceding them are generally assumed to be known with certainty.

Čeština: Cirka (často se používá i latinský tvar circa nebo zkratky cca nebo ca) latinsky znamená přibližně. Často se používá v případech, kdy se uvádí hodnota, která je známá pouze zhruba nebo přibližně
Español: La palabra latina circa (pudiendo abreviarse como c., ca. o cca.), significa alrededor o cerca. Se usa fundamentalmente su abreviatura en bibliografía inglesa para describir diversas fechas (normalmente de nacimiento o fallecimiento) o datos que son inciertos o aproximados, por lo que utilizar circa indica que la fecha o valor es estimación aproximada
Français : Le mot latin circa, signifiant littéralement environ, est souvent utilisé pour décrire diverses dates (souvent dates de naissance et dates de décès) qui sont incertaines. Le mot est souvent abrégé en c., ca ou cca
Bahasa Indonesia: Singkatan ca. sering dipakai dalam literatur ber huruf latin dan berarti "kira-kira" atau "sekitar". Bentuk ini merupakan kependekan dari circa dan dibaca /sirka/. Dalam literatur bahasa Indonesia, ca. jarang digunakan
Norsk nynorsk: Cirka eller sirka er eit ord som tyder om lag og vert brukt for å skildre usikre eller uviktige mål, slik som datoar eller mengder. Ordet kjem frå latin circa, som tyder 'rundt'
Português: Circa é uma palavra de origem latina, usada em datação, que significa aproximadamente ou por volta de, freqüentemente abreviada como c., ca., ca ou cca.
Simple English: Circa is the Latin word for "around" or "about". It is often used in genealogy to show when something approximately happened. 1955". It is often shortened to c., ca., ca or cca
Slovenčina: Circa alebo cirka (lat.; skratka ca. alebo cca.) znamená okolo, približne
Suomi: Circa on amerikkalainen merkki.


A simple way to measure time

For example, an encyclopedia entry for Genghis Khan may begin with "Genghis Khan (c. 1162 – August 18, 1227)", suggesting that he was born in or around the year 1162. The year of his death appears as a concrete date, suggesting that there is definite evidence that this is when he died.

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