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Example: Former President of Ireland, Mary Robinson, on Desert Island Discs on 28 July 2013. One of the first files uploaded as part of the project.

This page contains guidance for people attending the "Speakerthon" event at the BBC's New Broadcasting House on 18 January 2014.

Identifying material for upload[edit]

  • Select items broadcast in or after 2007, from the list of programmes in the BBC blog post
  • Clips ideally 30-40 seconds in length, absolute minimum 20 secs
  • Only subjects speaking, not interruptions (not even interviewers' "er"s), no background noise, no music
  • Preferably speaking about their field of endeavour
  • Nothing controversial; critical of opponents, etc.
  • Not reading copyright material (books, plays, poems, etc.), even their own
  • Not doing impressions, funny voices, etc.
  • Balance of gender, races, politics, dead & living, overseas & UK, etc.

Select the audio[edit]

You will be provided with a password to access the BBC's "Snippets" tool. Snippets is a prototype R&D tool, that will be temporarily available to attendees of the Speakerthon, for the duration of the event. It is not normally available to the public.

Follow this guide to using Snippets to identify suitable audio clips.

Uploading files to Commons[edit]

Please do not upload any BBC material to Commons, unless you have confirmed that it has been approved by the BBC and that they are releasing it under a suitable licence!

Once approved by the BBC, a file containing the audio clip you identified will be emailed to you. You may then upload it under the CC-BY-3.0 licence as follows.


  • Source should be the BBC URL including PID, for example
  • Author should be [[:en:BBC|BBC]]
  • Name the file with the person's name, the programme, and the broadcast date. For example File:Mary Robinson - Desert Island Discs - 28 July 2013.flac
  • Enter a description in the form The speaking voice of [[:en:Mary Robinson|Mary Robinson]], former President of Ireland, from the BBC programme ''[[:en:Desert Island Discs|Desert Island Discs]]''.
  • Date is first date of broadcast (or of recording if known)


Under "other information", include:

  • {{BBC voice project |pid= XXXXXX }}
    • (That's {{BBC voice project}}, with a |pid= parameter e.g. {{BBC voice project |pid= b037gm1f }})


Add the file to:

Add any categories you create to the project page.


See File:Mary Robinson - Desert Island Discs - 28 July 2013.flac for an example.

After upload[edit]

Add files to Wikipedia articles[edit]

You may copy:

{{Listen| filename = XXXXX |title = XXXXX's voice |type = speech |description = from the BBC programme [[XXXXX]], XXDATEXX<ref name="BBC-XXPIDXX">{{Cite episode |title= XXXX |series= XXXXX |serieslink= XXXXX |url= |accessdate= 2014-01-18 |station= BBC Radio 4 |date= XXDATEXX |season= |seriesno= |number= |transcript= |transcripturl= }}</ref> }}

or, for embedding:

| module = {{Listen| embed=yes |filename = XXXXX |title = XXXXX's voice |type = speech |description = from the BBC programme [[XXXXX]], XXDATEXX<ref name="BBC-XXPIDXX">{{Cite episode |title= XXXX |series= XXXXX |serieslink= XXXXX |url= |accessdate= 2014-01-18 |station= BBC Radio 4 |date= XXDATEXX |season= |seriesno= |number= |transcript= |transcripturl= }}</ref> }}

Link from Wikidata[edit]


Tweet about your upload (or ask a Twitter user to do so, if you're not one), using the hashtag #Speakerthon


  • Consider transcribing the content of the audio as text. As this may be time-consuming, you might prefer to do this later, at home.
  • Once that's done, add the text as Timed Text (captions), with time cues.

Other stuff[edit]

There may be a need to write articles about subjects, where none exists. You could also create articles about some of the programmes from which we're extracting audio. Please add links to any articles you create to the project page.


Please join us in the Yorkshire Grey, 46 Langham Street, London, W1W 7AX for refreshments and chat.

If you have any later questions or concerns, feel free to make them on this page's talk page, which is watched by the event's organisers, or contact User:Pigsonthewing.