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MediaWiki table editing online[edit]

Free online charting sites[edit]

Charts created on these sites can be uploaded to the Commons. This is a small sampling of such sites. Find more with web searches:

Can upload, or paste in, lists of data.[edit]

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  • en:Help:Table has section on the Visual Editor. Can paste directly into tables.
  • Excel2Wiki. Paste any list (text and/or numbers) into it. Click "convert". Copy the wikitext. Works for both plain text lists, and many spreadsheet lists. Copy tables directly off webpages and paste here.
  • tab2wiki. Same functions as above.
  • The Our World in Data-Grapher. From en:Our World in Data (OWID). Use {{Cc-by-4.0}}.
  • MediaWiki Tables Generator. File menu > paste. Paste from spreadsheet (e.g. Microsoft Excel), text file, Markdown code, or even a website. Or use: File menu > Import CSV file.
  • - Visualize hierarchical data by creating Sankey, Circlepack, Sunburst, Treemap charts online for free.
  • - Create charts online for free.
  • - Create charts and maps with Datawrapper for free. Add an image license, and this template:
  • HTML Free Online WYSIWYG HTML and HTML5 Editor. To get the one just for your browser click on the link: "To use TinyMCE editor Click here". Click inside the editing area. To paste in a table use the edit menu of your browser, and then click "paste". After pasting in a table you can remove columns. To do this click anywhere in a column. Then click on the toolbar button that says (tooltip) "remove column". There are many table editing tools. Print the screen, or create a web page with the HTML. Or convert the table to wikitext. In the editor go into source mode to get the HTML. The table HTML starts with <table and ends with </table>. Copy only the table HTML, and paste it into the "HTML markup" form of the online HTML to Wiki Converter by Magnus Manske. It is here. Click "convert" at the bottom of the converter page. It converts the table HTML to wiki code (wikitext). Paste it into a sandbox or one of your user pages (or subpages) to see what it looks like as a MediaWiki table. Edit further.
  • Paste in your data, make changes, and see updates immediately. Click "Save to Image" to generate a png and open it in a new tab. From there, you can download the image and use as you please. Examples and help pages are available. Requires javascript. Types of charts on pie charts, bar charts, line graphs, scatter plots, tree maps.
  • Charts Builder from LiveGap. Chart Builder. Creates Charts (Line|Bar|Radar|Polar|Pie). Customize you chart (Colors,Fonts,Text,margin,Settings). With live preview. You can then convert it to image.
  • HTML Grid Charts from ISDN*tek. Grid and chart maker. Creates HTML charts. You can then convert the HTML charts to wikitext charts. Or click the "print screen" key on your keyboard, and then paste in any image editor. Then crop the chart. See: Commons:Convert tables and charts to wiki code or image files.
  • Chart Gallery - Google Chart Tools / Image Charts (aka Chart API) - Google Code.
  • Google Docs. Can create or edit spreadsheets, presentations, tables, charts, graphs, etc.. Accepts data in many formats. For more info see en:Google Docs.
  • Can paste in lists of data without special formatting. Due to the ability to paste in individual columns of data there is no need for comma, semi-colon, tab, or other forms of data separation. See the help page. Some Commons charts: 1.
  • Free online bar chart generator. Also; line charts and pie charts. The tool is based on the free software JFreeChart. Data lists can be pasted in if data entries are separated by semi-colons.
  • Wikimedia SVG Chart. An online line and point chart generator. SVG Output. The values are uncoded in the svg file and can be modified any time without special software.
  • no longer exists. It is archived here. Save this entry for image license info for uploads from the Swivel archive. All public charts created originally at can be uploaded to the commons. The Swivel FAQ page says all public charts are under this CC license: Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported. See also the "User Submissions" section of this archived 2008 "About" page. The CC license template to use on the commons is {{Cc-by-3.0}}. Some Commons charts: 1.
  • - doesn't seem to be fully up and running. Be sure to allow cookies for this site, or it may lock up Firefox browser. Theoretically, users can upload, create, or edit spreadsheets and charts of all types. Right now only data table creation may be working. Chart and graph creation from that data may not be working. Users can also search for tables added by other users or through End Around's database of provided data. Not sure about image licensing.
  • Data360. A wiki for data. Open-source, collaborative and free website. From Terms of Service under Proprietary Rights: "You or a third party licensor, as appropriate, retain all patent, trademark and copyright to any Content you submit, post or display on or through the Service and you are responsible for protecting those rights, as appropriate. By posting Content to a public Data360 site, you grant Data360 and all Users and Visitors of Data360 an irrevocable, perpetual, world-wide, royalty-free, and non-exclusive license (with the right to sub-license) to use, copy, reproduce, modify, adapt, display, reformat, excerpt (in whole or in part) and publish such Content, as long as such content is properly footnoted."
  • RAWGraphs. Open source, free, online visualisation creator. You can download both SVG and PNG images.

Data values must be entered one by one.[edit]

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Linking to charts and data online[edit]

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After creating a chart with an online site you can bookmark a link to the specific chart. All sites in the first section on this page except save both your chart and the data for it. The data is saved in easily understandable columns and rows. makes the data accessible, but not clearly (due to showing it in rows with special formatting, and without spaces or columns to make things easily understandable). With your personal link to charts click the "Modify This Chart" link below the chart to see the data. The shared link to charts does not make the data accessible. For any chart it is good to put the chart data directly on the Commons image page so that people clicking the image on a Wikipedia page can immediately find that data. It is also good to link to the specific chart on the online charting site. People may want to see other charts and graphs produced on that site for that data.


They have to follow accessibility criteria.

Wiki chart editors[edit]

Text editors for blocks and columns[edit]

Some text editors allow you to copy, cut, and paste columns of text. See: Comparison of text editors. For example; the freeware NoteTab Light can be used to copy a particular column of data into an online chart form. Click on the "Modify" menu, and then "Block." Then click on cut, copy, or paste. You will then choose the starting column, block width, and block rows.

Remove attribution from charts[edit]

See Commons:Watermarks, and Help:Removing watermarks. Data sources for a chart are OK to be on the chart. Attribution for the chart creator is normally done outside an image. For example; in the image caption, and/or via a link to the image page on the Commons.

Image editors for editing charts[edit]

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There are many free image editors. See:

For example; there is the free, popular, easy-to-use Irfanview. Use it to resize charts, remove watermarks, crop unused space from around the edges, and so on. Irfanview can also losslessly compress PNG images so as to use less kilobytes for the same image without any loss in image quality. Install the Irfanview plugin pack too. It installs instantly and includes even better PNG compression, PNGOUT, which is easy to use in Irfanview.

PNG Crush online[edit]

Lossless cropping online[edit]

Print screen, and then edit chart image[edit]

Charts and tables are produced by these free tools too:

The charts can be converted to images by using the "Print Screen" key on a keyboard. Paste into any image editor. Image editors can then be used to capture and crop the chart found on the screenshot.

Some more resources[edit]

Help and forums[edit]

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