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Geograph Britain and Ireland is a web-based project, initiated in March 2005, to create a freely accessible archive of geographically located photographs of Great Britain and Ireland. All images are licensed by the contributors using the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 license.

The developers of Geograph made the images available so that the images could be uploaded to Commons. The first 250,000 images were made available as a torrent and were uploaded to Commons in the end of 2009. The first 1.8 million images (about 200 GB, all images at that time) were put on a hard drive in August 2010 and sent to User:Multichill for upload. This initial upload was completed in 2011. Ten years later at the start of 2021 the upload project has been revived to catch up with the uploads. In February 2023 Geograph had 7.3 million images.


Many Geograph images are now available in higher resolution. If you are proposing to crop a Geograph image, please always: register with Geograph and log in to it, go to the original image page on Geograph and look for "More sizes" at top right of the image as in this example. Follow that link and get the highest resolution available.

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