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Captive Nazis crossing a field, Odessa Oblast, 1944-04-10

Soviet troops fight for a village on the Caucasian front, 1942-06-01

A soldier going to throw a grenade, Stalingrad, 1942-09-01

An artillery division on a march, Moscow Oblast, Vyazma, 1943-03-01

General Secretary of the CPSU Central Committee Mikhail Gorbachev speaking at the 20th Congress of the VLKSM. Kremlin Palace of Congresses, 1987-02-01

Delegates to the 1st congress of the Komsomol, 1918-10-29

Expert of technical control department of nuclear power equipment manufacturer Atommash checks steam generator's bottom, 1989-11-25

The nuclear ice-breaker Yamal, with the scientists of the SP-36 Russian floating station on board, arrived in Murmansk, 2009-09-16

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Russian International News Agency (RIA Novosti; and ) owns exclusive rights to the archives of Sovinformburo and its successor APN, which continues to collect new documents to this day. RIA Novosti archive.

Following the example of the Bundesarchiv and Queensland Museum, RIA Novosti began opening the most important and interesting part of its archive to the public in 2011. This project, called the Eternal Values project, aims to spread knowledge globally by increasing access to valuable historical documents.

It is still theoretically possible to request a photo from the archive through Wikimedia RU using this page, but the agency has long stopped cooperation with Wikimedia.

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