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The development team would like your feedback on searching on Commons using depicts statements. There is a prototype on Labs where you can perform a couple example searches. (I know and the team knows that this is not ideal, but we wanted to get a prototype out for everyone to test as soon as possible.) Please see below for instructions on how to search on the prototype.

The prototype[edit]

Some important things to know when using the prototype:

  • The prototype’s main purpose is to show you what search might look like, how workflows might function with that look, and the overall "feel."
  • The search does work and will show results, but this a work in progress and there may not be many files on this Labs instance that have metadata matching what you’re searching for
  • The labs site currently only incorporates a small subset of all the items on Wikidata. So when playing with the Depicts search, please keep in mind that the auto-suggest dropdown may not show the term you’re looking for
  • This is early code; expect things to be a little wonky here and there

With those points in mind, please test the prototype using some search scenarios that approximate the search experience:

  • Go to:
  • Select “Depicts” from the search box dropdown menu and find the Q-item for “cat” (house cat). Then add a “quantity” qualifier such as 1 or 5 to find an image of a single cat or multiple cats.
  • Another depicts search can be done with the tag “sky” and the color qualifier “blue” in the same way as above.

Specifically, the team would like prototype feedback on the following:

  • What are your thoughts on the new Ddepicts and Other statements tabs in the search bar?
  • Are you able to complete both search scenarios? Did you have difficulty performing the search? If so, please describe the issue(s).
  • Does the interface for adding qualifiers to the depicts “tags” feel intuitive? Why or why not? Does it cover all the use cases you can think of?
  • Does the “other statements” interface make sense? Why or why not? Is there anything you would add to it?

After you have used the prototype, please leave your feedback on the talk page.

Notes on using search[edit]

  • When the search box is selected, below, you can see what search mode Commons is in.
Search as seen on Labs.
  • Keyword searching works exactly as it does on Commons today. Depicts search enables the searching of depicts statements (including qualifiers). Other statements searches for statements (including Depicts) but without qualifiers.
  • For first time users, the Qualifiers popover appears automatically. To keep this from being annoying, once you have seen it twice, it will stop appearing automatically. To display the qualifiers popover manually, click on the Q-item Depicts tag (example: house cat).