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Albrecht Dürer Platz in Nürnberg. Sigurd Curman, 1910.

Georgenstrasse in Amberg. Sigurd Curman, 1901.

Hotel Krone in Holzmarkt. Sigurd Curman, 1911.

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Aerial view of Tekniska museet's main building.

The Swedish National Museum of Science and Technology (Tekniska museet), located in Stockholm, is Sweden's largest museum of technology, housing over 50,000 objects and artifacts. Its task is preserving the country's cultural heritage related to technological and industrial history. It received the Swedish Museum of the Year Award in 2016.

The contribution[edit]

February 2020[edit]

In February 2020, over 550 photos from the museum's collection were uploaded. This contribution consists of a collection of early 20th century photographs from the archives of Sigurd Curman. Curman was an architecture historian who held the title of Sweden's National Antiquarian. His interests are reflected in the photographs he took during his travels, which depict urban environments of towns all across Europe, from the familiar to the exotic, from the city hall in Helsingborg, Sweden to the fountains of Trento, Italy.

Preparatory work for the image upload was carried out in 2017, including the creation of mapping tables:

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